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At the Seder Table: Haroset with Dates

No matter where you are in the world, if you are attending a Passover Seder this weekend there will be haroset. It is one of the foods with an honored place on the Seder plate, and well liked because of its role in limiting the spice/tears for the accompanying horseradish in the “Hillel Sandwich.” I don’t host a Seder in my home, but for the last dozen years I have been making the haroset for the seder my family and I do attend. I grew up eating a traditional Ashkenzi haroset, heavy on the apples and wine. This recipe for a more traditionally Sephardic haroset (derived from a Jewish Indian family) leans more on another fruit, the date, resulting in a thick, sweet matzo spread. We love it so much, I usually make another batch to keep at home.  

Even if you do not celebrate Passover, this dish is a great way to enjoy fruits, nuts and apples on a cracker. Adjust the cinnamon and wine to your own tastes. I haven’t made it yet this year, so I can’t post a photo. I’ll try to do so after the seder.

Haroset with Dates and Almonds

Source: The Low-fat Jewish Cookbook, by Faye Levy


1C almonds (I used blanched, slivered almonds)

8oz pitted dates, halved and check for pits

¼ C sweet red wine (like Manishevitz), more as desired

1t ground cinnamon, more as desired

1/2t ground ginger

1 large apple, peeled

6 matzos, for serving


Finely chop almonds in a food processor and remove to a large mixing bowl.

Add the dates, wine and spices to the processor and grind until fairly smooth.

Mix date mixture into bowl with almonds.

Grate apple down to the core on the large holes of a grater and stir into the mixture.

Add wine by the teaspoons if necessary to make sure mixture is spreadable but thick.

Serve with Matzos.