Thanksgiving Menu

The last time I hosted Thanksgiving I was almost full-term with the Energizer Bunny, so I’m pretty psyched to finally have Thanksgiving here when I’m not walking around like a lead balloon. There will be 16 for dinner, including one vegetarian and a few “I may not eat meat that day just ‘cause” for dinner, so I’m including a lot of sides. Here is the draft menu:


Rosemary Spiced Cashews (Barefoot Contessa, Barefoot in Paris)

Olives (Central Market)

Cheese and Crackers (Central Market)

Main Course

Organic Turkey basted with chicken broth, prepped in the most standard way (butter, salt, pepper on the outside. Lemon, Orange, thyme, rosemary, sage on the inside. Hoping to cut the time down a bit by using the convection setting, but not betting on it.


Cornbread dressing (America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution)

Vegetarian rice stuffing

Brussel Sprouts (Everyday Foods)

Roasted carrots, onion, turnips (some roasted with the bird, some tossed in oil and roasted separately)

Cranberry-Orange_almond sauce (Better Homes’ New Cook Book)

Butternut Squash Gratin


Apple Pie my parents are bringing from a restaurant in Columbus, TX we love

Pumpkin Pie guests are bringing

Chocolate Pie guests are bringing

Coffee (with eggnog for cream –so good!)


I’m also making a Chocolate Bundt Cake. Our local refugee center is hosting a Thanksgiving lunch for immigrant women and their children who a have left a hostile home environment. My friend Christina is gathering up all the dishes and delivering them on Thursday morning. That one I’ll make today and deliver this afternoon, and it should keep well until Thursday.

What is your menu for Thursday? 


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